Print from 2010

    (01) An essay about

           Ryan Mcginely

    (02) Break for freaks

    (03) MuVim brochure

    (04) Editorial design

           in the seventies

    (05) Uglystocrazy

    (06) COMER

    (07) Pardon my french

Identity from 2010

    (08) Onne

    (09) Logography

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I create graphic identities, books and publications, exhibition design, signage, art direction for cultural, businesses and individuals — on my own or in collaboration with fellow specialists. All projects are treated with a particular attention to contents.

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(06) COMER

COMER (eat), essential as breathing, be up to date with Social Security payments or drink double at the end of the working day. COMER, the culinary magazine that summarizes and completes the proposal of the gastro market of Convent Carmen and Sucede Restaurante.

Editorial project — 2018
In collaboration with Paula M. Montoto for Convent Carmen

162x220 / 60 pages